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RV Travel: Enhancing your RV Getaway! by Peggi McDonald

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RV News and Stories Life in the RV Lane can be a real whirlwind where you run from here to there - or as laid back as you want it to be. However finding a place to visit when you arrive in an unfamiliar area can be equally challenging while you discover what’s ‘happening’. During a recent stay near ‘Mickey Mouse Land’ in Disneyland in Orlando, Florida we had to look real hard to find fun things to do other than the expensive attractions and theme parks. When you’re only in an area for a few days, your search can become even more trying....

RV Travel Tips with Peggi and John

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RV News and Stories FULLTIMING BUDGET by Peggi McDonald

I receive so many emails with reference as to the cost of fulltiming. The following answer concerning expenses may provide planning help to those who think they would like to go fulltime

Be aware that frequently the 1-2 year start-up turns into 10 plus (like us – we are now into year 20 and it is still not enough). On the other hand some friends hung up their keys within a year - they were not happy unless they had a stationary place somewhere. The RV Lifestyle offers something for everyone. With reference to costs – the general consensus is a minimum of $30,000.00 a year, but that amount is so vague. Your actual living expenses on the road will be the same or higher than they are in a stationary residence. Fulltiming is not meant to live like a pauper – but many RVers work their way from place to place. The amount of your costs will be a personal choice. You should also have a plan for phase two (such as a move to a condo, house or an apartment) if you, or your partner become ill and you can’t head south....

Rv Travel for "Physically Challenged Road Trippers"

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RV News and Stories By Alice Zyetz ©2004
co-author of "RV Traveling Tales"

Since 1990 we have all become more familiar with results of the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): the little blue logo for
close-in parking spaces, the accessible toilet stalls, the
sloping curbs. As campers, we have seen certain campsites
dedicated to the disabled and some sightseeing trails marked as
accessible. But in my experience, until we ourselves experience
some disabling circumstance, or we meet and take the time to talk
with someone who is physically challenged, we don't begin to
appreciate the challenges and strengths of the lifestyle,
particularly when traveling.....

RV Education 101 Focuses on Education and Safety in $12 Billion RV Industry

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RV News and Stories Fayetteville, NC --RV Education 101, celebrating five years in business, produces professional Recreation Vehicle (RV) training videos and DVD's on how to use and maintain the systems of an RV. The owner's Mark and Dawn Polk stated there is not enough emphasis placed on properly educating the consumer on the complexities of operating an RV. Mark Polk said, "RV's are a 12 billion dollar industry and with the baby boomers and post 9/11 travel concerns it continues to grow in popularity. If you want to retain people in the RV lifestyle, education is a must. There are currently seven titles in the video library encompassing pop-ups, travel trailers, Class A motor homes, Class C motor homes, Winterizing and Storing an RV, Trailer Towing and more.”.....

The Soda Solution for RVers, “The Soda-Club” by Mark J. Polk of RV Education 101

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RV News and Stories If you own an RV you can appreciate the value of any space saving product, technique, or idea available to RVers. We are constantly searching for new ways to save space, and to make the best use of the limited space we have in our house on wheels. The last thing any RVer wants to deal with is the bulky, heavy items that you want to take along, but don’t have room for. If only you could eliminate these bulky items; or better yet magically replace them with a compact space-saver version that occupies about the same amount of space as a coffee maker. I don’t have the solution for the lawn chairs or the kid’s toys, but if you like soda you’re in luck.


RV Education 101 featured in the Fayetteville Observer

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RV News and Stories Mark Polk was doing his best to make his little corner of the world a summertime place.

He stood smiling in short sleeves while a chilling north wind did its best to force a shiver.

But for a couple of minutes Polk held fast, creating an illusion of warmth as the wind whistled through the branches of a nearby pecan tree and around the legs of a camera.

And months, even years from now, when people see Polk talking about the joys of RV ownership, they won't know just how chilly he was.

But they will appreciate how smart he is.

Polk and his wife, Dawn, run RV Education 101, a video company that makes instructional videos that cater to the growing need for "how-to" information among RV travelers.

During their travels, they met up with Rob Engman, a Canadian television producer.

The result - a series of TV spots and a lot of attention for the Cedar Creek couple.......