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RV Videos with Mark Polk

RV 101- Trailer Towing Mistakes, is your Tow Vehicle & Trailer Properly Matched & Safe to Tow?

  • Friday, August 21 2020 @ 10:09 pm UTC
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Hi, I'm Mark Polk with RV Education 101. My goal with this video is to explain all of the confusing RV weight terms and topics in layman terms, to help you make good decisions when it comes to properly matching a tow vehicle with a trailer. When you understand how to calculate fully loaded tow vehicle and fully loaded trailer weights it's easy to determine a safe match for towing. After we find a properly matched truck and trailer, I want to discuss and demonstrate how trailer tongue weight works in conjunction with a weight distribution hitch. When the trailer tongue weight is properly distributed throughout the towing system, It is much easier and safer to tow the travel trailer.

Topics I cover in the video are:

How to Inspect your RV for Water Damage Video

  • Saturday, April 13 2019 @ 12:52 pm UTC
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It doesn't matter if you are purchasing a used RV or if you already own an RV, it's a good idea to periodically inspect the RV for any indications of water damage. If you catch a water leak early it is easier and less expensive to repair, as opposed to a water leak that had time to spread and do more damage. In this RV video, watch as Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates how he inspects an RV for water damage.

RV Education 101 

The Suburban RV Water Heater Video Series

  • Thursday, February 07 2019 @ 01:46 pm UTC
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Do you have a Suburban porcelain lined, steel tank RV water heater? Airxcel, Inc. SUBURBAN DIVISION is pleased to present the Suburban RV Water Heater Video Series.

Video 1 is titled RV Water heater Anode Rod Function & Replacement. Suburban water heaters use an anode to protect the water heater tank from corrosion. Inspecting and replacing the anode rod in your Suburban RV water heater can extend the life of the water heater. This Suburban training video demonstrates how it is done.


Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Function - Suburban Water Heater Series 1 Video 2 Video 2 is titled RV Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Function. All Suburban water heaters are manufactured with a temperature & pressure relief valve. Watch this Suburban RV training video to discover what the T&P valve function is and how to maintain it.

RV Water Heater By-Pass Systems - Suburban Water Heater Series 1 Video 3 Video 3 is titled RV Water Heater By-Pass Systems. RV water heater by-pass valves are used to isolate the water heater from the RV's plumbing system for draining the water heater and/or winterizing the RV plumbing system. In this Suburban RV training video learn more about what a water heater by-pass is and how it operates.

RV Water Heater Sediment Removal - Suburban Water Heater Series 1 Video 4 Video 4 is titled RV Water Heater Sediment Removal. To extend the life of your RV water heater some preventive maintenance should be performed periodically. Part of this maintenance includes flushing the RV water heater and removing sediment deposits. This Suburban RV training video demonstrates how to perform this periodic RV water heater maintenance.

RV Water Heater Odor Elimination - Suburban Water Heater Series 1 - Video 5 Video 5 is titled RV Water Heater Odor Elimination. Sometimes when operating your Suburban RV water heater you may smell a rotten egg odor coming from the RV water system. In this Suburban RV training video learn how to detect where the smell is coming from and what you can do to eliminate the odor.

Happy Camping

RV Education 101


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Towable & Motorized RVs Explained

  • Wednesday, February 22 2017 @ 09:21 pm UTC
  • Contributed by:
Some folks prefer towable RVs and others prefer motorized RVs. This RV101® video explains the differences. Understanding some of the differences can help you select the type of RV best suited for you.

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