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RV 101- Trailer Towing Mistakes, is your Tow Vehicle & Trailer Properly Matched & Safe to Tow?

  • Friday, August 21 2020 @ 10:09 pm UTC
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Hi, I'm Mark Polk with RV Education 101. My goal with this video is to explain all of the confusing RV weight terms and topics in layman terms, to help you make good decisions when it comes to properly matching a tow vehicle with a trailer. When you understand how to calculate fully loaded tow vehicle and fully loaded trailer weights it's easy to determine a safe match for towing. After we find a properly matched truck and trailer, I want to discuss and demonstrate how trailer tongue weight works in conjunction with a weight distribution hitch. When the trailer tongue weight is properly distributed throughout the towing system, It is much easier and safer to tow the travel trailer.

Topics I cover in the video are:

What is trailer tongue weight?
What should you look for when selecting a tow vehicle?
Tow vehicle weights and weight ratings
How to calculate the tow rating using the vehicle's Gross Combined Weight Rating
Travel trailer weights and weight ratings
How to determine fully loaded tow vehicle and trailer weights
What is a weight distribution hitch?
How trailer tongue weight works using a weight distribution hitch
The importance of weighing your tow vehicle and travel trailer.

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UNDERSTANDING AND CONTROLLING TRAILER SWAY article: https://rv101withmarkpolk.com/2018/04/24/understanding-and-controlling-trailer-sway/

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