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RVTV in High Definition on the Outdoor Channel 2HD

  • Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 04:42 am UTC
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From high-tech toys to RV etiquette, RVTV informs and entertains the full-timer, as well as the newbie or wanna-be. Style and adventure without sacrificing comfort is the RVer’s goal and RVTV will cover the myriad ways to accomplish just that. Living on the road is more than a vacation; it is a way of life. With RVTV, life will just get better....

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RVTV in "HD": What is "HD"?

  • Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 12:57 am UTC
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RV News and Stories HDTV is a new digital standard for television, one with a higher resolution picture and a wider aspect ratio (the ratio of width to height of the screen). HDTV provides pictures with several times the clarity of DVDs and more than double the resolution of a regular television picture. HDTV is the largest leap in TV technology since color TV replaced black and white....

RV Campground Cooking By: Pat Watson

  • Monday, August 08 2005 @ 05:27 am UTC
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RV News and Stories Pat and her husband, Francis, live in Holland, Ohio, and love
cooking and entertaining their friends and family, especially at
KOA Campgrounds. Her new cookbook, "Campground Cooking",
is a collection of more than 200 fun, easy recipes designed for
RV cooking. Pat says all of the recipes can be made using an RV
oven, crock-pot, microwave or electric skillet. She even has
sections on cooking with foil and recipes for grilling. Many of
the recipes can be adapted for cooking over an open fire, and
it's great for busy cooks at home. ....

RV Advocacy by Escapees RV Club

  • Monday, August 01 2005 @ 05:05 am UTC
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RV News and Stories As the spotlight shines more brightly on full-time RVers, the
need to be proactive in securing legal sanctions and being
mindful of legislation that could hinder RVers' rights has
become more important than ever.

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