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At times I'm asked if my paintings are for sale. I do not put prices on my paintings as I just don't feel as tho a Blog is the place for pushing sales. However that said - let me say this: ...........

My wife Melissa and I have a dream of buying an RV. This will be a self contained motorhome in which we will tour on a full time basis the USA-Canada- and Mexcio for at least two years. I'm an acrylic painter working both Plein Air and studio. My wife is a published author and she will be writing her way across these countries as I am painting my way. There is not much wall space in an RV and I will be creating some smaller pieces of original art that will fit nicely on a small easel or on a small section of wall. It is my intent to add a splash of color to the interior of an RV in the form of mostly bold - bright - sassy color in an easy to manage display format. My style is that of loose expressionism done with emotion and gusto with mostly a palette knife as my weapon of choice. Most - not all of my pieces have a pleasnat "chunky texture" to them and are as I say a SPLASH" of color and brightness to the RV interior. The smaller ones can easily sit on a counter top or a table top on an easel and will be easy to store when the open road calls.

I am offering RV Education 101 followers a 20% discount on any painting purchased - all you need do is identify yourself as an RV Education 101 newsletter member when you inquire about to a piece.

RV Painter ...........

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