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RV University This Week 05/23/2011

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"To get many years of reliable service and use from your RV it is imperative that schedules and recommended maintenance intervals are followed. Preventive Maintenance is maintenance you perform on your RV before a problem exists. These types of checks are designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, malfunction, or failure of a component or system on your RV. Preventive Maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and servicing your RV. These checks can help towards enjoying trouble free operation of your RV."
~Mark Polk

by Mark Polk

Hi Everybody,

Several years ago we started sending our e-newsletter out. In the beginning we only had a handful of subscribers. Back then we sent it out once a month. In 2009 we changed the newsletter format to "RV University This Week" and began sending it out weekly. Today we have over 22,000 subscribers and this is our 100th weekly issue of RV University this Week.

It's amazing how fast time flies.

The other day when I was driving to the garage I noticed my truck's odometer had just turned over to 80,000 miles. It seems like just the other day the truck was brand new, off the dealership floor. When I got to the garage I had to take the motorhome for its annual safety inspection. On the way there I noticed it just passed the 30,000 mile mark. It too seems like just the other day it was brand new.

I'm sure it won't be long before I glance down and see the truck's odometer approaching 100,000 miles and the motorhome hitting the 50,000 mile mark. The good news is they both still look and run good. That can be attributed to keeping up with preventive and routine maintenance procedures on the vehicles. Be sure and read this week's feature article where I give you some tips on how to increase the engine life of your vehicles.

"Until next week, plan your trip, travel safe and enjoy your RV experiences. Remember, getting there is half the fun!"
Mark Polk

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Tips to Increase Engine Life Today we’re going to talk about some easy ways to increase the life of your tow vehicle or motorhome’s engine. Actually there are many ways to to increase engine life in a vehicle, but I want to narrow the list to what I consider the most important. When all you hear every day is how poorly the economy is doing, it only makes sense to buckle down and take better care of what you already own. ............. Read the article

RV Education Crossword Puzzle
This play and learn crossword puzzle is "Extend the Life of your RV Awnings", by Mark Polk.
Have fun, play and learn.

by Mark Polk

Battery Ratings:

Deep cycle batteries are rated in Amp Hours and more recently Reserve Capacity. The amp hour rating is basically how many amps the battery can deliver for how many hours before the battery is discharged. Battery manufacturers specify the rated capacity of the battery in amp hours at a specific discharge rate. For example, if a lead acid battery is rated for 105 amp hours at a 20 hour rate it will deliver 5.25 amps for 20 hours at standard temperature conditions.

This same battery would be rated at 89 amp hours at a 10 hour rate and deliver 8.9 amps for 10 hours. The basic formula used is Amp Hours divided by Hours = Amps. We can go one step further and look at the discharge time in minutes based on the discharge current. The same battery used in our example at a 40 amp discharge current would last approximately 83 minutes. At a 5 amp discharge current it would last for over 1200 minutes.

Camping/RV Battery Chargers- BatteryMINDers® are the new generation of SMART, pulse type "computer-on-a-chip" chargers, that safely charge and maintain all size / type / brands of batteries including starter, deep cycle and sealed types including AGM “dry” made by OPTIMA, ODYSSEY, EXIDE, INTERSTATE, et al. They do all of this without ever overcharging, no matter how long they are left on charge – days-weeks-or even months. Dubbed the chargers with "brains," they are the first to fully-automatically reverse the primary cause of early battery failure known as "sulfation". Sulfated batteries once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition. Certain models of BatteryMINDers® can more than double the useful life of new batteries.

Portable Surge Guard: Available in your choice of 30 Amp or 50 Amp- Surge protection is protection against voltage spikes on power lines. These voltage spikes can cause severe damage to electronic and electrical equipment. With today’s RV coming equipped with sophisticated and sensitive electronic equipment, a few short seconds of faulty power can damage appliances and electronics in the RV like stereos, satellite systems, microwaves, televisions, refrigerators and computers. The TRC Surge Guard family of power protection devices are designed to protect your RV’s electrical system and sophisticated electronics from the dangers of faulty electrical power.

Surge Guard offers total protection with three individual safety circuits. It checks the power pedestal for damaging mis-wire conditions and has a warning indicator for reverse polarity, dangerous current on ground wire and pedestal mis-wiring. It offers Solid state full mode surge protection and Automatic over and under voltage protection. Standard surge protectors do not provide protection for over and under voltage or open neutral conditions, The surge guard is weather-resistant, so you simply plug it in to the power pedestal and plug the RV power cord into the surge guard.

When your RV has thousands of dollars worth of electronic appliances and equipment it only makes sense to protect your investment. One faulty wiring situation or power surge at the campground can cost you 3, 4 or 5 times the cost of a surge guard surge protector. Don’t leave home without it~ Mark Polk Available at Camping World

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...with Mark Polk

Q. I bought a used travel trailer last year that is permanently set up in a campsite. Not knowing anything about RVs, nor asking any questions, I just put my key in the door and walked into a place that I call paradise. After experiencing some problems with the toilet and learning/dealing with the holding tanks I decided to put in a regular flush toilet. I had it installed & the plumber (a RV specialist) said I still had to empty the holding tank. I would not have spent the money to have the same problems/issues.

I asked him if it was possible to leave the holding tank valve open and he said yes, but if there were solids in the toilet I would have to flush 2-3 times, plus put the chemicals in to keep everything flowing & not to let it get hard & clogged. I am okay with that but was wondering if it is safe to do things that way??? I am an elderly lady and usually alone and do not want to play around with holding tanks. My gray water is hooked up direct. Can I leave the black water tank open & flush a few times after solids are put in the toilet??? Thanks so much for your time - I really appreciate it. Have a great day!

Mark Says: I do not recommend leaving the black tank valve open all the time. As the plumber said the solids can get hard and cause clogging and other expensive repairs.

Some campgrounds allow the toilet to be hard plumbed directly into the sewer system. This requires that you eliminate the holding tank altogether and plumb the (house type) toilet directly into the sewer system. Check with management, and if they allow this I recommend getting a couple of quotes from plumbers or RV shops on what it would cost.

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Campgrounds Join To Offer Flood Evacuee Discounts
Many families in the flood path are seeking refuge in area campgrounds. To help ease the financial strain Many Louisiana sites are discounting rates.......

As Lake Guntersville State Park reopens, 'it will never be the same'
GUNTERSVILLE, Alabama -- Lake Guntersville State Park, closed since an April 27 tornado tore through one of the state's most popular tourist attractions, will reopen Saturday on a limited basis. But it won't be the same resort along the Tennessee River you're accustomed to seeing..........

FEMA trailers for storm victims not allowed in Cordova
CORDOVA, AL (WBRC) - Dozens of FEMA mobile homes are now on the ground in Alabama. There are set up as temporary housing for people who lost their homes in the April 27th tornadoes. Although, none of them are in the hard-hit Walker County town of Cordova and it is causing a lot of tension........

Job Help Rolls In
People in Macon who are looking for work will have another option a little closer to home. The so-called Mobile Lab from the Macon Office of Workforce Development will begin rolling into neighborhoods Friday. The Recreational Vehicle will park in two key locations every week. The program is reaching out to people who want to go back to school and learn new skills. The money comes from federal dislocated worker funds......

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Camping/RV Battery Chargers- BatteryMINDers® are the new generation of SMART, pulse type "computer-on-a-chip" chargers, that safely charge and maintain all size / type / brands of batteries including starter, deep cycle and sealed types including AGM “dry” made by OPTIMA, ODYSSEY, EXIDE, INTERSTATE, et al. They do all of this without ever overcharging, no matter how long they are left on charge – days-weeks-or even months. Dubbed the chargers with "brains," they are the first to fully-automatically reverse the primary cause of early battery failure known as "sulfation". Sulfated batteries once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition. Certain models of BatteryMINDers® can more than double the useful life of new batteries.

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