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5 Star RV Rentals

  • Friday, March 11 2011 @ 09:08 pm UTC
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5 Star RV Rentals is a motorhome/RV rental referral service providing really nice motor homes/RV's to really nice people from private individuals.

This will be your #1 Motorhome RV Rental Source!
Travel in comfort and style and class! For those who want to explore the wondrous fun of RV life!

For those motor home owners who want to reduce their expenses, 5 Star RV Rentals will match renters with your motor home.

Our website will draw a large amount of customers. Summers are the busiest time although both Canadian and American holidays are also very good rental times.

We have standard rental rates that 5 Star RV Rental will recommend to you and we will provide you with all the necessary forms you will need, such as the reservation, insurance info, rental contract, preparing, delivery and accounting forms.You will recieve online training and or written copies.

You will continue to house your motor home/RV at your location. Five star Rv Rental will refer the renter directly to you. The renter will come to you - you will go over the motor home/RV operations with them at pick up time. You will receive a deposit from the renter when the reservation is made, then final payment is due when the motor home is picked up including a $1000-$2000 security deposit.

This is a really great program. We offer Paypal acceptance and we have a roadside assistance program for the renter (and owner too when you are out on the road). You can rent your motor home out when you are not using it to help with upkeep and/or monthly payments. We will do all the advertising.

For more information visit the 5 Star RV Rentals Site

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