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Reader Comments to Polk's Tow Rating Article

  • Thursday, June 07 2007 @ 04:21 pm UTC
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Excellent article on the tow ratings of Ford and any truck for that matter. I read every word with interest, even though I have not and do not intend to tow an RV. I first considered a large 5th wheel and quickly discovered the inadequacies of standard pickup trucks for towing. I then began looking at 1 tons and even Class 4-6 commercial trucks.

I do hope your article gets noticed. Do you post on any of the RV forums?

Shame on Ford, by the way!

Safe travels and thanks for all you do. I've had my Class A Newmar for just over two years now. I've learned a lot from your RV Education101 services. I've got a couple of the DVDs and several e-books as well.
~Randy Hoyum

Hi Mark,

I enjoyed your article very much, as a long time RV'er I can say you are
right on the money. I've been watching the Ford and Toyota commercials
lately and they make my eyes water sometimes. My oldest son has been
talking about getting a pickup and camper and we had to go over a few
things so he wouldn't get stung.

Some of the commercials out there for the heavy duty pickups are a little
strong too. Or maybe we can replace some of those low fuel mileage
locomotives with a Chevy truck.

I've been concerned with
this rash of commercials also, people are buying pickups that don't have a
clue what they are getting into. Accidents are bound to happen.

Keep up the good work!
~Dave Anderson

You are to be commended for an excellent safety article as referenced above.
I have seen many examples of overloaded RV.s since I started in 1979 with 5
years of full timing. Some are real horror stories.

I would hope you might do a similar article on Motorhomes and their tow cars
which are about 90 % overloaded on one or more axel corners and very
dangerous, being driven by a lot of us old dudes who have never driven
anything bigger then their Saturn Tow cars or their Cadillac Escalades.

I still travel in a near new 35 foot Class A with a Saturn SC2 and manage to
stay under GCWR. And Motorhome loading but so many don't even understand
what that means.

I have also noted over the years that few owners are aware of the 7 year
life of the rubber products in their RV units. This creates dangerous
blowouts the first time they hit the desert in 100 plus degree weather,
(been there, done that and nearly died).

The other big RV problem I see is not necessarily dangerous, but can be. The
rv sits for a few months through the winter, probably outside and the first
camping holiday comes up in Feb or May depending on location and the rig
heads down the road with a look at the oil and water, maybe even check tire
pressure, and the unit is stranded along side the hiway in the first 100
miles, or WORSE.

Thank you for educating our public in the needs of their RV's

Best to you and yours,

~Bill Forrest

Great article! I tried for weeks to figure out how the F150 could jump to an 11,000 lb tow rating right after Toyota announced the Tundra would have a max tow rating of 10,800 lbs. Very educational with respect to the weight calculations that must be taken into account for driver, cargo, trailer weight, tongue weight etc. Not many people (I've found) have any idea what their tow vehicle can pull or how much their trailers weigh of if they do many don't know to subtract for passengers, cargo, and sometimes even for a full tank of gas! I enjoyed the article!

~Brian Howell

I apologize for your lack of information and response from Ford Motor Company. Had you called our dealer, you would have most likely spoken with me either indirectly or directly. I am Master Sales Certified (and Master Internet Certified).

Ford did indeed raise their tow rating to 11,000 lbs max for a 4x2 with the heavy duty payload package AND a Long Bed 2 wheel drive truck. With the strongest frame (by FAR) for tortional rigidity, biggest brakes and even strongest rear leaf springs, there is not a more suitable vehicle on the planet for towing (yes, I've drunk the FMC Kool Aid LOL).

The late availabilty Heavy Duty towing package you mentioned includes stronger leaf springs, bigger brakes and 8 lug wheels. Basically a Super Duty underneath an F-150 body. You are correct that most people would order either a Super Cab or a Super Crew cab most people would ALSO order the 5.4 V8 with the Tow -n- Go package. Anybody towing would want the biggest engine they could get. Also, there really isn't much of a mileage penalty by opting for the 5.4 V8 as it has 3 valves per sylinder and breathe's much better.

Rob Ernst
Cronin Ford
Internet Sales Director
robernst2000 @ yahoo . com

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