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RV Tip from Robert Lowe, the co-author of "All the Stuff you Need to Know About RVing"

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RV News and Stories Bob served for 3 years as the Editor of the Bounder Beacon, a
bi-monthly, 32-page newsletter read by approximately 3,000
Bounder motorhome owners. He's been their Technical Editor
for six years....... Tire condition is an important issue. Keep tires clean with mild
soap and water. Michelin does not recommend using protectants
since they react with the anti-oxidants in the rubber of tires.
Tires on RVs do not usually wear out; they crack and age. Check
for hairline cracks, on the sidewall and along the tread, uneven
tread wear, and damage from road hazards. If the tires are more
than seven (7) years old they are candidates for replacement not
withstanding the fact that they still have usable tread. Consult
a tire specialist if you are unsure.

Robert Lowes informative book "All the Stuff you Need to Know
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