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Tyler's RV Tips by: Mark J. Polk

We spent a good part of this past summer and fall traveling in our RV. Some of it was business related and some of it was just for fun. Actually, even the business part of it is fun when we're traveling and staying in the motor home.

We had a busy schedule with some of Dawns family visiting from Colorado in July and some of my family visiting from Pennsylvania in August. During both visits we loaded up the motor home and took a short excursion to the beach. Between the two trips we had six nieces and nephews ranging in age from four to fourteen, plus my six year old son Tyler and my twelve year old son Josh. During these trips the thought occurred to me that this is how RVing gets handed down from one generation to the next. When I was growing up one of my best friends Dad was a Sales Manager for an RV dealership. They would always invite me to go to RV rallies and events with them. I was hooked from that point on. Tyler and Josh have logged a lot of miles in the RV. The other children have not been exposed to RVing so this was a big thrill for them. Tyler is the RV expert and Josh is the All Star baseball player. Tyler automatically assumed the role of instructor and trainer. He took the other children under his wing and explained to them how everything on the RV works. He showed them which buttons they could touch and which buttons they couldn't touch. He showed them where they would be sleeping and demonstrated how to turn the sofa and dinette into a bed. Most importantly he showed them how to start the generator so they could use the play station, and he explained that when we stop for gas you have to turn it off so the motor home doesn't blow up.

The children and adults had a ball and I was convinced we had created some next generation RVers. One day after everybody went back home I was in the office working when Tyler came in and asked me what I was doing. I explained to him that I was working on an e-book called a Collection of RV Tips http://rveducation101.com/detailedinformation.asp?ID=1433

When he heard this he pointed out that he had a bunch of tips for RVers and he started rattling some off. I told him to write them down. When he finally finished I was quite amazed at how many tips he had to offer. I thanked him for his contribution and told him I would include them in the book. I thought you might enjoy reading some of Tyler's Tips when he had just turned 5 years old.