RV Preparation

1:After winter RV storage, how do you prepare your RV for travel and camping?

  •  I do it myself
  •  I pay someone to do it for me
  •  I just get in it and go

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RV Preparation
Authored by: Jr on Thursday, March 17 2011 @ 10:58 pm UTC
I dont understand how anybody is able to just go, although sure would be nice... As tire pressure, Batteries, Lights internally and Externally. Brakes, oil change on some, and all levels need to be checked / changed, as well as greased, Wheel bearings insp. Water leaks as well as operation of water heater frigerator and this list is endless.... And in reality should be checked every trip...

Without doing any of these, sure could and can lead to an expensive and unfortuate vacation...Maybe even costing a life... Is it worth it ???

Somehow spreading the workload over the weekends now seems worth it to me...