Gas Prices

1:Will rising gas prices change your current plans for an RV trip in 2011?

  •  Yes
  •  No

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Gas Prices
Authored by: Kodiak on Monday, March 07 2011 @ 09:04 pm UTC
My wife & I have been looking forwaed to this springs vacation all winter.Sure The rise in gas prices concern me.But instead of staying in private campgrounds,we will be camping in National Parks where my senior pass gets me in free & camping will be about 10 Dollars per night.Yes there is no electric & Water,but with a little homework, you don't need to put out the extra money for those conveniances.That money will go into the gas tank.I will also stay in some state parks as well.I do feel bad for the private campgrounds.But you must compansate for the rise in gas prices,if you still want to travel & camp.And I love camping.It will probably cost me a little more this year.But to me it is worth it.
Dawn Polk
RV Education 101
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Gas Prices
Authored by: mizlizzie on Tuesday, March 08 2011 @ 06:55 am UTC
Gas Prices have definitely changed our R.V. travel plans. We usually go out once a month. We were confirming trips with friends this weekend and we are currently making plans for one trip in May and hope to go to Mt. Lassen before summer is over. Other than that we can't afford to travel with a reduced limited income and high gas prices.