Favorite time of year

1:What is your favorite season of the year to use your RV?

  •  Spring
  •  Summer
  •  Fall
  •  Winter
  •  All Season Camping

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Favorite time of year
Authored by: lspencer on Tuesday, October 26 2010 @ 04:24 pm UTC
Your question can be misleading as I could only answer WINTER as that is the major time we (here in Canada) go south for 4-5 months to get the warm weather in Fla or Tex. So your poll will be skewed as it will appear that I only use my RV in (my) winter!? This will be true for a all of RVer's from Canada and Northern USA.
Favorite time of year
Authored by: skwrly on Wednesday, October 27 2010 @ 02:28 pm UTC
I voted for Year Round camping. Even though I do camp in the summer, it is my LEAST favorite time of year. Way too hot, way too many bugs! Maybe the poll should read: What is your least favorite season of the year to use your RV?
Favorite time of year
Authored by: sylvielien on Monday, November 08 2010 @ 06:59 pm UTC
Please oh please do not include all Canadians in your comments and generalize. I don't know where you live in Canada, but we (my husband and I) start camping as soon as campgrounds open in May or earlier and do so until they close near the end of October. I actually prefer to camp either in spring or in the fall as our summers here around Toronto are extremely hot and humid with days in excess of 100F. So there is no need for us to go anywhere else for warmth, it's right here. Sure, in May and in October it's cooler, but it's still very pleasant for RV'ing. Maybe once we've retired, we'll not only go RV'ing during those months, but who knows, maybe we'll also take a detour to Florida and check it out during our winter.
Personally, the only people we know who go south of the border at one point during the winter months, are people taking vacation time for a week or so or retired condo owners.
I also agree with skwrly's comments that maybe the question should have read "What is your least favorite time of year to camp?" and that summer is too my least favorite because of the heat, humidity and the bugs....,
Meanwhile, I'm patiently waiting for spring to arrive (I know, I know, we have to go through winter first.........)......................:)