Poll Topic: RV Walk Through Orientation

Question 1:Who did you buy your RV from

  •  RV dealer
  •  Private sale
  •  Family member

Question 2:Did your RV dealer provide you with a walk through orientation class?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  Not applicable

Question 3:Was that walk through orientation enough to remember everything?

  •  yes
  •  no
  •  not applicaple

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RV Walk Through Orientation
Authored by: campnqueen on Monday, August 23 2010 @ 12:12 pm UTC
Our dealer was great. Live live in another state many miles away. They had us stay at their facility for several days to make sure we did not have any problems. Walked us through our camper procedures several times! We had a couple of issues that they fixed right away. Told us to come back and stay with them any time! The Outpost RV in Middlebury IN ROCKS!! Thanks Kyle, Tish and Earl!
RV Walk Through Orientation
Authored by: blairs7x70 on Monday, August 23 2010 @ 04:32 pm UTC
Johnnie Walker RV in Las Vegas was the greatest....we purchased a new 5th wheel! Camped out in their onsite RV site for 2 nights with a tech available 24 hrs a day. They walked us through everything, inside and out. Made sure we could hitch on and off several times, and even after pulling away, when we had a problem with a fuse (where the heck is that thing again???), they walked us through that over the phone.
RV Walk Through Orientation
Authored by: rag_ftw on Monday, August 23 2010 @ 08:28 pm UTC
Believe it or not we bought our Pacearrow through the internet from an internet dealer over 800 miles away! We are very happy with the results and the savings were phenominal!
We did get a very thorough one time walk thru and demonstraition of every system on the coach. However, one time is not enough to remember everything! The dealer hs been very responsive to our follow-up questions.
RV Walk Through Orientation
Authored by: timaucoin on Wednesday, August 25 2010 @ 02:57 pm UTC
I've got to say, our walk-through was a joke! This young "kid" did the walk-through and basically pointed out the obvious things like light switches, plugs, the beds, fridge, stove, etc... I asked many questions to which the response was usually; "I'm not sure, but it should be in the manual." Talk about frustrating. If it wasn't for finding RV Education 101, I'd be pretty much lost. I can't thank Mark & Dawn enough for having this course available.

I will be writing a letter to our dealer in regards to this walk-through (and our walk-through for our tent trailer earlier this year), and I will be suggesting that they look into the RV Education 101 Orientation course as an offering to their customers. Not sure how well it will go over with us being in Canada and the course being a US based thing, but that shouldn't make a difference.
RV Walk Through Orientation
Authored by: RVUpw on Saturday, June 01 2013 @ 11:23 pm UTC
I bought a 20 year old 5th wheel from a private party who was the 2nd owner, and was probably in late 20s maybe early 30s. I'm a single 60+ woman, and haven't had a 5th wheel before (had a same brand cabover camper when married years before, so not a total novice), so I asked him for as much information as he could give, which he wanted to do. As he was going over everything, I was videoing all of his instructions, demonstrations. I normally have that camera with me when camping and it has a large disk in it, so I may never fill it up, but it is good to go back in and review it if I have any questions while on the road, and I have done it a couple of times and was most helpful on my shakedown trip after I left his home. I also downloaded the video to my home computer and my netbook, and have also reviewed on those screens several times and it's most helpful, especially if I haven't used the 5th wheel in awhile. Would definitely recommend videoing any instructions because we all know we aren't going to remember all the little nuances, etc., and if we're distracted by something while they're showing, we can go back. It also helped me to set up a routine because he did a lot of it in the order that it needed to be done with jacks/blocks/hookup and then the setup and lighting of everything.