RV Travel Checks

1:How often do you lift the hood (on a motorhome or tow vehicle) and check things out when traveling?

  •  Every day
  •  From time to time
  •  Never when traveling

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RV Travel Checks
Authored by: bkteach on Monday, July 26 2010 @ 11:09 pm UTC
I'm thinking you must be primarily referring to Motor Homes. We pull a travel trailer and check out our truck ahead of time, but don't usually lift the hood on the truck again as we never travel great distances now that gas is so expensive.
RV Travel Checks
Authored by: KBODELL on Wednesday, February 16 2011 @ 07:08 am UTC
My experience as a professional service person is that just when we think all is well, things really go wrong. I lift the hood, check levels of oils, coolant, washer fluid and a visual check for anything obviously not right. I check for wet spots on the ground. Every day may seem redundant but a potentially destructive problem is often averted with a minor repair.
I do a walk around the vehicle (Lights and warning flashers on) after the truck is attached to the trailer (fifth wheel) and check mirrors are extended, lights working, visual on tires, hitch (5 point), trailer plug, steps, grandma handle, doors latched and locked and final pick-up around the rig. I follow the same undistracted routine each time. Once in three I find at least one point amiss.
If we park and are away from our rig, on return, I do a 5 point check of my hitch including a visual check of the Jaws around the pin - it takes all of 30 seconds.
At a truck stop last year, a friend of ours got into his truck and drove out from under his trailer resulting in a horrendous crash. The safety pin had been removed, the trip pulled and latched in the open position. He now checks fanatically the same as I do.
RV Travel Checks
Authored by: BobbyJ on Sunday, February 17 2013 @ 07:20 pm UTC
I have read about a lot of car crazies around the world, but to be honest I don't open the hood of my car. My mechanic skills are none existent. Opening the hood won't do any good to my car, but actually there is a potential of making it worse.