RV Miles

1:What is the farthest distance (round trip) you have traveled in a single RV trip?

  •  500 miles or less
  •  501-1000 miles
  •  1001 - 2000 miles
  •  2001 or more

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RV Miles
Authored by: rvliving on Thursday, June 03 2010 @ 02:30 am UTC
As F/T RVers with 25 years on the move, it is difficult for us to decide when one trip ends and another begins. Surprisingly we only accumulate about 10,000 miles each year. This outstanding nomadic lifestyle portrays Freedom like no other. Whether your next trip will be a few or many miles, may it be safe and super rewarding. P&J www.rvliving.net
RV Miles
Authored by: Red Wolf on Tuesday, April 12 2011 @ 02:17 am UTC
We're in the midst of our first long trip in our MH. Been on the road since the end of December, 2010 and still have nearly two months to to. Traveled over 5K so far. RV livin' Rocks!