Spare Tire

1:Did your RV come with a spare tire?

  •  Yes
  •  No

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Spare Tire
Authored by: lspencer on Monday, July 25 2011 @ 09:28 pm UTC
This Question is misleading as most Class A RV's do not come with a spare tire normally. The reason as I understand it, from dealers and companies that do road services tire changes, is that it would be dangerous for an owner to change their own tire on a Class A. It is necessary to call a company to come to you that is familiar with changing truck and Class A tires.
Having had the occasion (2 blowouts) to call a tire service company on the road and seeing what they do, I would never want to even try to change one of my own tires!
Also why carry around an extremely heavy spare tire (inflated) just for the time(s) (maybe once in 5 years) that you may need to use it.
Belonging to a Road-side assistance program for your RV (such as Good Sam), and their ability to get a service truck to you (even as I experienced while 60 miles from the nearest town in the US south west) in less than an hour, makes it all a mute point about carrying a spare...
Lawrence Spencer, Fall River, NS, Canada

Spare Tire
Authored by: Sundancer268 on Tuesday, July 26 2011 @ 12:57 am UTC
Having MD I can not change my own tires any more, but I wish I could carry a spare so I would not be at their mercy if the tire is totally unusable. Just would like to be semi-independent. PS: The knowledge on how to change them I have as I worked on the old Split Rim tires in the 70s and that is one spookie job. These new tires are a piece of ake compaired to the old 20" truck tires.