RV Weight

1:Have you ever weighed your RV?

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Weigh your rig???
Authored by: nohome46 on Tuesday, November 10 2009 @ 06:16 pm UTC
If you've never weighed your rig then you will most likely be surprised at what your weight is.
If you thing you never carry that much stuff, guess again.
Most full timers and the weekenders are over weight because they have never had a blow out or broken spring or thought they were fish tailing down the road.
When I weighed mine I was 700# under but that's not much, especially when you hit a bump or bounce up and down and the 'G' force on your tires and springs double.
If you haven't weighed then be afraid.
Authored by: Jim Cameron on Thursday, November 12 2009 @ 03:14 am UTC
We've been full timing for nearly 3 years, and before we loaded a thing in our 5th wheel we weighed empty, both sides of the axles & truck. Separately weighed all our contents. We use tubs & fill all but the kitchen in them. We knew where to put the heavy things, and after loaded we weighed again to see how good of a job we did. With 4 slides the coach has 3 on one side & weighed heavier on that side with the kitchen. We would not have known that had we not weighed empty. We check our coach every chance we get. It is really easy after hours, or when you find a scale in remote areas.