RV Education 101 Affiliate Terms of Service Agreement:
All affiliates will need a PayPal account to receive payment. All affiliate payments will be made to the registered e-mail address through Paypal. Every effort will be made to pay upon receipt of customer sale, otherwise payments will be made on a monthly basis.

 You have full access to your Affiliate control panel. From which, you will be able to check the status of your account, create landing pages for products check sales and make changes to your account information,

Your Affiliate account information can be edited and updated on our website, address will be given via e-mail when registration is complete. You will need your email address and password to access your Affiliate account online. Once registered, you can go to the home page (look to the top right) and click on My Account. Logging in will allow you to get a tracking link that is a landing page to the stores home page. You will also have an option to create different landing pages to specific products if you so choose.


When posting affiliate tracking links to your site, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions below for the RV Education 101 AFFILIATE Program, understand, and agree with them.

1. Joining the Program
When posting RV Education 101 affiliate links you will automatically become an AFFILIATE and are bound by the terms of this agreement. Your participation in the program is solely for this purpose: to legally advertise our website and products to receive a commission on RV Education 101 produced products purchased by your referral individuals.

2. Payment Schedule
Eligible payments - all AFFILIATE monies due for orders generated as a result of AFFILIATE links/Web Site will be paid within 30 days from date of an order. Payments will be calculated and paid thru PayPal according to the terms and conditions of this document.


3. Revocation of AFFILIATE Status
Your AFFILIATE application and status in the program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:

Note: Current affiliates: If we have previously approved your banner or art, no need to ask again.  Here are a couple banners if you would like to use them:



NOTES: We used a gray interactive looking color on the ads to help prompt the consumer to take action. Even though the gray color is not as bright as other colors, feedback from our clients indicates that the gray color works better.

HOOK: We used the headline "Learning RVs the Easy Way!" and images of a DVD. This tells the consumer right away what exactly they will get from the offer.

CALL-TO-ACTION: We used an image of a "Click" button. Once again, we have found that even though a more colorful choice could be more attractive, the gray button image seems to work better.